Commercial Moves

With professional pickup, delivery & installation service staff, Total Office can move you. We know how to make your move safe, efficient, and cost-effective.

Total Office recognizes that each office environment is unique. Anyone can move a box, but Total Office’s commercial move staff members have the knowledge and experience to relocate sophisticated office furniture systems and sensitive documents.

In addition to gloved-hand care for furniture, most offices have critical records and other important items. Total Office Commercial Move Division will tailor every office move project specifically to your needs.

Furniture Leasing

For larger projects sometimes it makes sense to lease. Leasing spreads the cost of purchase over the life of the asset instead of one lump sum payment. Ask Total Office about the options for leasing your purchases.


Business operations are changing and your office should be able to keep up. Whether you’re looking to increase productivity, downsize, or recreate a current space to reflect certain needs, Total Office can help you or your designer design and build an environment that suits the way your business moves.

When you are redesigning your office, we can help take many factors into consideration which contribute to and define a great work environment. We’ll collaborate with you and your designer to help enhance your productivity and performance while looking to reduce the costs of any future moves, additions, or changes.

Total Office can help your designer design optimal environments that make the best use of your space and help you derive the most value from your furniture investment.

Ergonomic Solutions

Don’t be a fish out of water! This extreme example represents the damaging effects of being subjected to a poor environment for an extended period of time. Bad ergonomics might not kill the affected person but it can have life-long physical repercussions and eventually kill your bottom line.

Increasing company profits and supporting employee well-being are the two primary reasons to call on Total Office products for your office environment.

OSHA USA reports that one dollar spent in every three spent on workers’ compensation goes for MSD (musculoskeletal disorders) – related claims. The indirect costs related to MSDs range from absenteeism and turnover, to increased human error, loss of quality and productivity, as well as, a loss of employee morale and satisfaction. We work with experts to help your company increase employee productivity and morale through corrective ergonomic action and decrease the reports, or the potential, of MSDs.

Warehouse Services

Total Office operates a fully-racked 9,000 square foot warehouse/distribution centre. We employ 4 full time employees including our warehouse manager, and service technicians.

The warehouse is secured with a security camera system, fire detention and emergency response from an external provider.

Our barcode inventory system tracks all in/out transactions, maintains an up-to-date inventory and determines the availability of product for future projects.

Ground level bays are available in different sizes as well as various sized racks for longer term storage.

Total Office conducts ongoing audits to assure information accuracy.  Your inventory will be kept in an organized and accessible fashion, guaranteeing optimal reuse and applications to assure the right workspace, every day.

From long-term storage to sophisticated daily management, Total Office can meet your needs. Tour our warehouse and see what we’ll do for  you.

Contact us to learn more about our services.