Window Solutions

At Total Office our window coverings objectives are simple: maximize views, minimize heat, and provide privacy utilizing roller shades in either manual or motorized applications which lend to a personalized design aesthetic.

From the simplest blind to the most sophisticated motorized option, Total Office offers a full range of custom window coverings. 

Our expertise will help you simplify the process of selecting just the right products to accomplish your desired objectives. 

Total Office represents Mechoshade Systems , Inc. a pioneer in the development of solar shading, including the development of its hugely successful ThermoVeil® and EuroVeil® shadecloth lines and creative solutions to brightness, glare and solar control problems.

One of Mechoshades most famous installations is the New York Times building in New York City (pictured above). The entire building is outfitted with Mechoshade’s blinds – both manual and also, motorized shades that rise and fall automatically with the sun. 

Through the research and engineering capabilities that created the MechoShade system in the beginning, MechoShade has become the only single source solar shading designer and manufacture of hardware, shadecloth and accessories. MechoShade is in the forefront of energy efficient, solar shading design, at the window wall to achieve personal, thermal, and visual comfort in conjunction with the more efficient use of natural resources. It is this reason why you find MechoShades in many “Green” projects, including those that have achieved LEED™ certification. 

MechoShade Systems has offices in Long Island City, NY and Phoenix, AZ with sales and distribution throughout the continental United States, Canada, Asia and Europe. 

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