Wire Management


The Connectrac  wireway system consists of a shallow center aluminum track with a removable aluminum cap, which form the cabling pathway. Along both sides of the central wireway are low-sloping ramps which allow the flooring to gradually rise up and become flush with the removable top cap. Power / voice /data cables enter into the cable pathway at a wall or building column and run through the system until they reach the connection device(s) located along the system. All Connectrac wireway systems are UL and CSA listed and comply with the requirements of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). The entire system is .75" high in profile.

Four different product series complete the line along with a host of accessories:

1. Connectrac's I-Series systems provide a single duplex power receptacle unit and accommodate up to 4 voice / data ports.

2. M-Series provides an 8-wire, 4-circuit connection monument for connecting to modular furniture power systems.

3. U-Series systems provide up to four power circuits in fully modular systems which allow any number of electrical receptacle units to be provided at any spacing along the wireways. The U Series receptacles "quick-connect" together with power "jumpers" which can be any length. "What we've done is take modular furniture power components and use them in a completely unique way," Strong stated. "It's a powerful and extremely flexible system that offers a very economical solution for situations like training rooms, open office areas and even cardio fitness centers."

4. The newest products in the Connectrac line, the V-Series, are vertical "towers" that connect to cabling in the wireway at the floor level. They provide untethered technology support in a variety of settings.

The new generation Connectrac ultra-low-profile wireway systems are more subtle and powerful than ever. They’re just .75” high and incorporate lower-sloping moisture-resistant MDF ramps, which are earth-friendly and ADA compliant.

Connectrac is the perfect solution when you’d rather not core drill or trench, raise the floor, or install a power pole. Plus, with the accessible wireway cap along the length of the Connectrac system, keeping up with the latest technology is a snap.

Common System Features

  • Low-profile extruded aluminum wireway
  • Low-sloping, moisture-resistant MDF transition ramps
  • Installs on concrete slab with no coring or trenching
  • For power / data / voice / AV connectivity
  • Wireway components field-cut to length
  • Multiple wireway channels can be ganged for additional capacity
  • UL and CSA listed; ADA compliant

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