High Density Mobile Filing


Rethink your storage system with Datum’s innovative MobileTrak5®, the premier high density mobile shelving on the market. By eliminating all but one aisle, the MobileTrak5® high density mobile storage unit almost doubles available storage space creating more space for workstations and offices and maximizing your real estate investment. And on a per linear foot basis, High Density Mobile filing costs up to 30% less than traditional lateral filing.

Because the MobileTrak5® can be expanded or moved at any time, the Datum family of high density storage units grows and changes as your business does, providing a completely customized and cost-effective solution to your most challenging space needs.

Durability: The MobileTrak5® high density mobile storage unit incorporates full length, solid steel drive shafts, steel wheels and heavy duty carriage construction guaranteeing your storage units will be around as long as your business is. The entire Datum family of products comes with a lifetime warranty.

Versatility: Datum understands that each business has unique storage requirements. MobileTrak5® high density mobile shelving has stored everything from files to archived museum artwork to spare nuts and bolts. That’s why we offer custom-designed systems especially created for a variety of applications.

Aesthetic appeal: Concerned about ugly, unwieldy metal boxes taking over your space? Don’t be, because thanks to Datum’s variety of end panel combinations, decking options and shelving colors, the MobileTrak5® high density mobile storage system integrates seamlessly into your existing office décor.

Security: The MobileTrak5® high density storage units feature a range of security features. Datum can customize your unit with locking aisles, Stak-N-Lok files, 4Post™ locking drawers and a Tambour Door option that will keep your private belongings private.

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