It's possible to find a business partner who cares about the planet.  We at Total Office are constantly seeking more effective ways to conserve resources, prevent pollution and nurture environmental consciousness in our people every day.

We believe that, big or small, every action that safeguards and restores the environment is significant.  Our environmental vision is to provide products that help protect, replenish, and restore the communities in which we live and serve. 

There are several criteria to use when selecting a manufacturer to represent. Quality, price and design are the obvious ones but we at Total Office also select a manufacturer based on its environmental credentials. This limits the number of manufacturers we can represent and also, the countries that they are located in. However, we believe that these are small sacrifices that are for the good of the planet and for the country. 

Today Total Office can boast of the most LEED certified, MDC Cradle to Cradle Certified and Green Guard certified products in the industry. The Manufacturers we represent are the environmental leaders in their fields and we are proud to represent them.