Many of the healthcare facilities in this region were built in the fifties and sixties. And many of these facilities haven’t changed. Even though much about healthcare and the way it’s delivered has.

While we know we can never predict the future, we understand the need to create spaces that enable ways of healing that are flexible, and anticipate growth and change over time. This is not only to achieve the nurse’s or doctors’s efficiency, but to manage the experience of patients and partners in care.

Our goals are to improve the delivery of care. And at the heart of all of this, to promote healing and help patients get better faster. Please see below for Nurture by Steelcase:

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A Harder Working Healthcare Space | Steelcase 360 Featured Article

The health care industry is highly regulated, subject to strict laws, and circumscribed by carefully developed standards of practice. Yet even health care space needs to work harder. A recent study by Nurture, Steelcase’s health care division, and…

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