Ergonomic Solutions

Don’t be a fish out of water! This extreme example represents the damaging effects of being subjected to a poor environment for an extended period of time. Bad ergonomics might not kill the affected person but it can have life-long physical repercussions and eventually kill your bottom line.

Increasing company profits and supporting employee well-being are the two primary reasons to call on Total Office products for your office environment.

OSHA USA reports that one dollar spent in every three spent on workers' compensation goes for MSD (musculoskeletal disorders) - related claims. The indirect costs related to MSDs range from absenteeism and turnover, to increased human error, loss of quality and productivity, as well as, a loss of employee morale and satisfaction. We work with experts to help your company increase employee productivity and morale through corrective ergonomic action and decrease the reports, or the potential, of MSDs.